EC threatens action for anti-campaigning

Voting in Male' City for the Komandoo by-election on February 5, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Naail Hussain)

Elections Commission (EC) has threatened to take action against candidates campaigning in a manner that infringes the electoral rights of other candidates in conjunction with the parliamentary election scheduled for next Sunday.

EC, in a statement on Monday, underscored that the General Elections Act prohibited candidates from infringing the rights of other candidates in their efforts to seek support for themselves. They also underscored that the Act prohibited spreading false information regarding other candidates.

Despite this, EC noted observing acts of anti-campaign against candidates while seeking support for another in the parliamentary election such as plastering messages that are an infringement of the electoral rights of the candidates on their posters and banners.

Henceforth, EC called upon all candidates to adhere to the disciplinary standards stipulated in the General Elections Act and avoid infringing the electoral rights of other candidates while seeking support for themselves.

The commission also warned that they will take legal action against individuals committing acts that would infringe the rights of candidates.

Anti-campaigning by altering posters among other things has become prevalent as candidates campaign via social media platforms. This remains a huge concern for candidates.