Two Pakistani soldiers, wanted terrorist killed in anti-terror operation

The slain terrorist carried head money of $17,977 and was involved in numerous terrorist activities against the security forces. (Photo/Reuters)

Two Pakistan army soldiers and a wanted militant commander were killed during a security operation in northwest Pakistan, the military said.

The incident, the latest in a string of clashes between security forces and militants, occurred on Saturday in the Buner district of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which borders neighbouring Afghanistan.

“During the conduct of the operation, after an intense fire exchange, HVT (high-value target) terrorist ring leader Saleem aka Rabbani was sent to hell, while two other terrorists were injured,” said a statement from the army.

The slain terrorist, who carried a head money of Rs 5 million ($17,977) remained "actively" involved in numerous terrorist activities against the security forces as well as extortion and target killings of innocent civilians, the statement added.

However, during the operation, two troops were also killed, it added.

"Security forces of Pakistan remain determined to wipe out the menace of terrorism and such sacrifices of our brave soldiers further strengthen our resolve," the statement concluded.

Rise in terror attacks

Pakistan has seen an uptick in terrorist attacks since the recapture of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021.

Relations between the two neighbors have lately touched a new low with Islamabad accusing Kabul of not doing enough to stop militants based on their soil from attacking Pakistani security forces and civilians.

Afghanistan denies the allegation.


Source: TRT