PNC to file anti-campaigning claim against MDP with EC

PNC campaign spokesperson Heena Waleed.

The main ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) has decided to file a case against the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) with the Elections Commission (EC), accusing the main opposition party of engaging in negative campaigning.

In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Heena Waleed, the spokesperson for PNC’s parliamentary campaign, accused the MDP of engaging in negative campaigning by spreading misinformation.

Heena alleged that the MDP is paying money to spread misinformation via social media platforms including Facebook and X.

She said that the PNC has decided to lodge a case with the EC regarding MDP’s negative campaigns targeting the ruling party.

“This is in clear violation of the Elections Act. I hereby inform that we will be submitting these anti-campaigning cases with the Elections Commission,” she said.

Speaking further, Heena said that freedom of expression and freedom of gathering had been severely constricted during the MDP administration.

“We continuously submitted to relevant agencies cases involving incidents of police brutality, where people were pepper sprayed, and where protestors were arrested without warning and in complete violation of laws and regulations,” she said.

“But we didn’t get any meaningful justice in these cases.”

Heena insisted that the PNC administration will not intimidate or arrest political dissidents.