Aasandha enables medical checkup for new age group, special school screening

Inauguration of Aasandha Northern Regional Office. (File Photo/Aasandha Company)

Aasandha Company Limited on Monday announced the extension of state-backed free bi-yearly medical checkup service for individuals aged 35 and above, effective April 01st, 2024.

Besides the extension of the medical checkup service to the new age group, Aasandha said special school screenings, for children aged 18 and below, has been introduced for the grades sanctioned by the Ministry of Education.

The health insurance company further confirmed improvements being made to the medical checkup package in light of the challenges state faced during service inception earlier on January 01st, 2024.

The packages introduced effective from April 01st includes tests necessary for early diagnosis of cancer. The packages have been specialized under two age groups, which are;

  • 30 years and above
  • 40 years and above

Under the cancer screening package, all the non-time sensitive tests are applicable under the free medical checkup once per annum. 

The time-sensitive tests may be included within the free checkup upon doctor's recommendation, Aasandha added.