Deadline to apply for 'National Award for Public Service' expires tomorrow

Plaque presented for a winner of the National Award for Public Service. (Photo/President's Office)

The President’s Office, on Wednesday, has reminded that the application deadline for the National Award for Public Service will expire at 1:00pm tomorrow, Thursday, March 28.

Applications for the award were opened on February 25th.

National Award for Public Service, introduced in 2021, is the most prestigious award conferred by the President on individuals who have been serving the nation for over 35 years and are observed as diligent and steadfast employees who have contributed towards the development of their respective fields.

As per the President’s Office, any individual who has worked in a government office, agency, or subsidiary where the government holds the most shares is eligible for the award.  Nominations can be filed by either the organization or individually. The candidate should have worked for or be currently employed by the organization if the organization is filing the nomination.

The National Awards Committee has urged all applicants to fill in the required information and attach all the necessary documentation along with the application form.

The application form is available through the designated portal "Form Hushahelhun" on the President's Office website