Aneesa resigns from Housing Committee over health issues

Aneesa Ahmed. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Chairperson of the Housing Committee Aneesa Mohamed has resigned from the Committee.

Aneesa told Sun that she tendered her resignation from Committee over a health issue that obstructed her from attending meetings.

"(My) conscience does not allow me to remain in the committee while I cannot attend the committee or participate in works," she said. 

Housing Committee was formed by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to advise regarding complaints submitted over the former administration’s ‘Binveriya’ and ‘Gedhoruvariya’ housing schemes and the work that needs to be undertaken in connection to it.

Aneesa’s resignation comes just days after the committee was incepted.

Aneesa is an individual who has served in senior posts of the government including in ministerial posts.

She has also served as a parliamentarian and the deputy speaker of the parliament.