Housing Committee attempting to collude elections: MDP

MDP parliamentary campaign's spokesperson and Kendhikulhudhoo MP Ahmed Easa --

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has alleged the current administration's decision to form a special committee tasked with overseeing the 'Binveriya' and 'Gedhoruveriya' social housing schemes, was motivated towards influencing the upcoming parliamentary elections.

MDP parliamentary election campaign's spokesperson and Kendhikulhudhoo MP Ahmed Easa on Sunday evening, claimed the special committee under the Ministry of Housing was formed with the primary motive colluding the elections.

During the press briefing on Sunday evening, Easa said the opposition party remains very concerned about the state's decisions. He added the committee was formed without seeking opinions from both Male' City Council and the city's mayor.

"This is a gross misconduct, a political propaganda. A large-scale scandal to strip the rights of poor citizens," Easa alleged.

The MP further said this should not happen in a progressive society, and asserted MDP will oppose any action by the current state that is made in detriment of the public.

"I assure our party will do everything in its power to ensure the recipients receive what is rightfully theirs through efforts from the parliament. Even if its means to amend the law to intercede the committee's actions, we will do it," Easa added.

The government formed the special committee, mandated with overseeing all administrative responsibilities related to the social housing schemes, to provide counsel to the state, earlier on March 14th.

In response, Male' City Council formed a committee to provide counsel to the Ministry of Housing's committee.

While 18,955 recipients were held eligible for the Binveriya Scheme's first phase, launched by the previous administration, the then government announced it would issue 9,003 plots to eligible recipients of the scheme. The state declared plots would be allotted from Hulhumale', Gulhifalhu, and Giraavarufalhu.

The previous administration next announced allottment of another 4,000 plots from Uthuru Thila Falhu (UTF) to eligible recipients under the second phase of Binveriya scheme.

On the other hand, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) held there were discrepancies in the points given to several recipients under the first phase of the Gedhoruveriya scheme, entitled to receive 4,000 housing units developed in Hulhumale' Phase II by Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC). Post review, the commission said only 20 percent forms were legitimate.

Earlier, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu announced he will form a special committee consisting of credible individuals, to ensure points for the recipients were given correctly.