Bus and motorbike collide in accident on Hulhumale’ highway

A public bus and motorbike collide in an accident on the Hulhumale’ Highway on March 13, 2024. (Photo/MV Crisis)

A public bus and motorbike have collided in an accident on the Hulhumale’ Highway.

The accident was reported to the police at 08:34 am on Wednesday.

According to a police spokesperson, the accident took place near the airport traffic light.

Photos of the scene shared of social media show a Honda Scoopy motorbike lying upside down, with its front on the ground and its wheels braced against the side of the bus.

A police spokesperson said the accident did not result in any injuries. However, it is being looked into by the police.

The greater Male’ area has been a sharp rise in road accidents in recent weeks. An average of 150 accidents were reported in the last two months in Hulhumale’ alone.

One such accident this month resulted in the death of a 19-year-old male.