Pres: Ramadan is the month of compassion, govt led by example

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu -- Photo/ President's Office

President Dr. Mohamed MUizzu on Monday has said this Ramadan, the government tried to lead by example in providing help to those in need.

In his presidential address extending Ramadan greetings to the public, Dr. Muizzu highlighted this is the month of spiritual cleanliness and good deeds.

He emphasized the importance of extending help and aid to each other, and foster stronger relations. President Muizzu said that the rich and able should help the poor, and the state should help its citizens.

President Muizzu said that in its efforts to lead by example, the government solved outstanding payments of local fishermen and introduced the air ambulance service.

"We have taken measures to reduce congestion to enhance convenience of pedestrians and travelers alike. Besides this other areas will be improved as well. Additionally, the state's promise of gifting staple foods to all Maldivian residences is another example of our efforts to extend aid and increase the brotherly ties within the community," Dr. Muizzu added.

President Muizzu said the last ten days of Ramadan have been designated as public holidays to encourage the public to increase their acts of worship.

He further said that Maldivians have traditionally extended help to each other in Ramadan, and said that the renovation of their personal residences or the development of communal gathering areas were done with the support of each other.

"Besides this, preparation of food, taking them to mosques for iftar, delivery of food prepared for suhoor, and other friendly gestures are part of the Maldivian identity," Dr. Muizzu said in his presidential address.

In his concluding remarks, President Muizzu urged Maldivian public to pray for the Palestinian citizens.

"Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine are still facing displacement from their own homes, starvation, fear and intimidation, and they will always remain in our prayers," the president added.

He urged the public to reap the benefit of Ramadan by increasing Istiqfar (seeking forgiveness) and repentance from God.