China's military grant: training, non-lethal weaponry

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu: Maldives and China has entered into an agreement towards enhancing military cooperation on Tuesday, March 05, 2024 -- (Photo/ President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Tuesday evening, March 05, 2024, said that the Chinese government is ready to extend training to Maldives army and provide non-lethal weaponry under a military grant.

President Dr. Muizzu made the remarks while speaking at the rally held in Dhaalu atoll Meedhoo.

While highlighting that the Maldives and China entered into an agreement towards the provision of military grant, the President emphasized that Maldives aims to become a self-sustaining sovereignty. 

He added the agreement enhances military training and improvement of technical capacity of military personnel as well.

The non-lethal weaponry include tear gas, pepper spray and similar articles of weapons.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense confirmed on X the Deputy Director of the Office for International Military Corporation, China, Major General Zhang Baoqun met with the Minister of Defense Ghassan Maumoon on Tuesday. During the meeting, the two discussed enhancing defense cooperation between the two countries.

The Major General also paid a courtesy call to President Dr. Muizzu on Tuesday.

Additionally, President Dr. Muizzu held discussions with the Office for International Military Corporation towards improving military cooperation as well.

This is the first time Maldives has signed with China for a military cooperation of this level. Previously, China had been exclusively known for its assistance towards urban and economic development of the Maldives.