Reregistration for parliamentary election to reopen on March 14th

Observers at a polling station during a previous election. (Sun Photo)

Elections Commission (EC), on Monday, said they will reopen reregistration for the parliamentary election on March 14th after finalizing the voters’ list to include the names of people who will be eligible to vote subsequent to the postponement of the election.

Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee summoned EC’s senior officials on Monday where they inquired about preparations being undertaken

Speaking before the Committee, EC’s Secretary General Hassan Zakariyya said an additional 560 people will be eligible to vote in the parliamentary election in light of the postponement.

He detailed that EC will begin accepting complaints to the voters’ list, specifically for these 560 people, for a period three days starting Tuesday.

Zakariyya added that the commission will open the opportunity to reregister for the parliamentary election on March 14th.

“We will open an additional opportunity for reregistration on 14th of the month; for a three-day period starting from 14th,” he said.

As per Zakariyya, this is a general opportunity, therewith, any eligible voter can reregister during this period.

Speaking further, Zakariyya, the sufficient number of voters to place ballot boxes in Sri Lanka and Malaysia has been reached. He confirmed that ballot boxes will be placed in these nations if the required number of voters reregister to vote at these locations.

EC, on Thursday night, convened for an emergency meeting after President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu ratified the bill which bans holding national elections during Ramadan, during which they decided to move back the election date, initially slated for March 17th – the first week of Ramadan – to April 21st.

The President was compelled by the constitution to ratify the opposition MDP-sponsored bill as the bill had been passed with a majority vote for a second time after the President had rejected the bill.