Chilli harvests fill Kandoodhoo fields ahead of Ramadan

A chilli field in Thaa atoll Kandoodhoo; the island's chilli is one of the top commodities for local consumers during Ramadan -- Sun Photo/ Mohamed Naail Hafeez

The chilli harvests fill the fields of Thaa atoll Kandoodhoo ahead of Ramadan.

Chilli from Kandoodhoo is one of the most in-demand commodities during the Islamic sacred month for locals in preparing their meals.

Farmers began preparations well ahead of Ramadan, resulting in acres of the island's fields filled with fresh chilli harvests. The farmers also confirm they are prepared to harvest more crop well into the month as well.

One of the farmers from Kandoodhoo affirmed nearly one ton of chilli can be supplied to the local market per week, which amounts to MVR 200,000 in monthly profit.

The farmer also assures an increment of chilli supply during this year's Ramadan unlike previous years, subsequently maintaining the price of the commodity throughout the month.

"We hope to supply more chilli this year, and expect for the price to be maintained," the farmer added.

Modern Innovation put into Agriculture

Besides an optimism of regular supply of the commodity, the farmer also highlights how Kandoodhoo farmers now employ modern methods for harvesting their crops.

One such approach is the utilization of a specialized mat to reduce or eliminate the growth of weeds and grass, thereby reducing the time consumed by the harvestors on weeding out unwanted plants which in turn allow for the growth of insects.

"This makes the task easy for us, we are able to proceed with ease now. Majority of the fields in the island use these mats now," the farmer added.

Agriculture is the main economic drive of Kandoodhoo according to the farmer, who noted the role of youths joining their relatives in farming activities after completing their education.

The locals aim to maintain the island's agricultural activities as its primary economic drive well into the future generations owing to the support from the youth.