President assures completion of Feeali reclamation including eroded area "soon"

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu answers a question by a member of the public on 'Raees Ge Javaabu'.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has provided assured of the completion of F. Feeali reclamation project “soon” including the area from the reclaimed area that was eroded.

He provided the assurance remark while responding to Ibrahim Shanoon, a Feeali resident, who had inquired about the island’s reclamation, harbor development and road development projects on the ‘Raees ge Javaabu’ series on Friday; a platform that enables the public to get direct responses to their queries and concerns from the President.

“A large area has been eroded already. I inquire from President Muizzu when this can be resolved at the earliest,” Shanoon has asked.

Respond to the question – President Muizzu said Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) was presently undertaking efforts to transport rock boulders to construct revetment around the reclaimed land.

“I have requested to expedite the work. I hope rock boulders are transported soon and then areas that have not been properly reclaimed, including the said the eroded area, will be fully completed soon,” he said.

President Muizzu reaffirmed that he will continue to honor the pledges he has made. 

In this trajectory, he reiterated that the pledge to develop major roads across islands including Feeali will be honored. President Muizzu said these projects will be scheduled and implemented as budget is allocated. He further noted that the expansion of Feali harbor will also be implemented in line with policy.