No arrests so far over violence in Galolhu stadium

Violence during the quarter-final between Kuda Henveiru and Victory Sports Club on February 7, 2024. (Photo/Mihaaru)

Police, on Thursday, said no arrests have been made over violence by supporters of Kuda Henveiru during a quarter-final match of the second division yesterday at Galolhu football stadium.

In the late minutes of the quarter-final between Kuda Henveiru and Victory Sports Club, supporters of Kuda Henveiru expressed rage over a foul made by a player of Victory. Media outlets reported yesterday that supporters of Kuda Henveiru stormed the field due to lack of action by the referee concerning the foul, as Victory led the match 3-1.

Police, on Thursday, said they have launched an investigation into the incident. However, they confirmed that no arrests have been made so far.

Kuda Henveiru supporters had attacked Victory’s coach Hussain Sobah during the chaos.

Although officials attempted to resume the match after the incident, it had to be canceled in the end.

A decision regarding the match will be made by an emergency committee of the tournament.

The winner of the canceled match will be facing New Radiant in the semifinal next Monday.