PNC to forgo Siyam, Nazim and Qasim’s constituencies in parliamentary election

Combined pictures of (L-R) MDA’s leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim and MNP’s leader Mohamed Nazim. (Photo/Adhadhu)

Ruling PNC states the party will be forgoing the constituencies of MDA’s leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim and MNP’s leader Mohamed Nazim in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, PNC’s Chairperson Abdul Raheem Abdulla announced the party’s decision against contesting for the constituencies of the leaders of the aforesaid parties as a token of respect.

In this trajectory, he said the party will not be holding primaries for these constituencies as they will forgo contesting for them in March’s parliamentary election.

Azim did not disclose which constituency Nazim will be contesting for.

MDA’s leader Siyam is presently the parliamentarian for Dh. Meedhoo constituency. Abdul Raheem said he will contest for the constituency in March’s election. Meanwhile, Qasim, who is the parliamentarian for ADh. Maamigili constituency, will also contest for the constituency in March as per Abdul Raheem.

Abdul Raheem said PPM-PNC’s primary cannot be contested by other parties. The coalition will be contesting for all other constituencies in the election.

“MDA, MNP and JP; them contesting for the constituencies is something at their discretion. It is not our decision,” he added.

Notably, MDA and MNP backed PNC in the runoff of September’s presidential election while JP decided against backing either party.

13 individuals have already secured PNC’s ticket for March’s parliamentary election uncontested. The ruling coalition’s primary is slated for next Saturday.