Azima unveils manifesto with pledge to create 1,500 jobs for women

PNC's mayoral candidate Azima Shakoor's manifesto launching. (Sun Photo/Infinite Moments/Ahmed Aman Latheef)

Main ruling party People’s National Congress (PNC)’s Male’ City mayoral candidate Aishath Azima Shakoor has launched her manifesto on Friday which includes a pledge to create 1,500 jobs for women residing in the city.

Azima’s manifesto has been formulated to complement the present strategic action plan of Male’ City Council and PPM-PNC’s presidential manifesto.

Presenting her manifesto, Azima expressed her commitment to increasing financial awareness programs targeted for women and facilitating resources for women with respect to different kinds of work.

Azima said her vision was to ensure Male’ is a habitable and peaceful place for all.

“Our concept is diversity. Our concept is making Male’ a habitable place for everyone in spite of differences,” she added.

One of the most important points of the manifesto includes “opening” Male’ for everyone.

Important points in Azima’s manifesto:

  • With calmness and a smile
  • Participating in collaborative development
  • Complete benefit of greater Male’s sea and reef
  • Proud women
  • An environment of education and skills
  • Prepared for the 21st century
  • The heartbeat of the Maldivian economy
  • An environment for peaceful habitation

Under these goals, resources required for youths and freelancers will also be established including sports facilities. Aspects of civil defense will also be introduced. Special facilities for senior citizens and resources for people with disabilities are also included.

Azima said efforts will be made to address the issue of stray cats in Male’ as well.

She stressed that a candidate of the government needs to be elected Male’ Mayor in order to work alongside the government.


Underscoring that it was President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu who would guide her, Azima noted that he had been elected president after achieving significant success during his time as the Male’ Mayor.