Met Office: Quakes struck 900 kilometers away from Addu, no impact

Addu City. (Photo/UNESCO)

Maldives Meteorological Service (Met Office), citing the earthquakes struck 900 kilometers away from Addu City, states Maldives will not be impacted by the quakes in any way.

Met Office said the four earthquakes struck Carlsberg Ridge, the northern section of the Central Indian Ridge, in the early hours of Friday, with the strongest quake being 5.5 magnitude.

Speaking with Sun, an official from Met Office said the area, despite being part of the Indian Ocean, is 900 kilometers away from Addu City.

Moreover, the official noted that the strongest quake had not been that severe either.

Therewith, the official said Maldives will see no impact of these quakes.

However, the Met Office urged the public to exercise caution over severe weather conditions being experienced nationwide.