Ameen receives MVR 2M in settlement for 2019 termination

Transport Minister Mohamed Ameen attends a cabinet meeting on November 19, 2023. (Photo/President's Office)

Mohamed Ameen, who was recently appointed as the transport minister, has received MVR 2 million from Island Aviation Service in an out of court settlement for his termination back in 2019.

Ameen had been working as Flight Operations Director at the IAS-run Maldivian Airlines when he was demoted on June 2, 2019, and fired two months later, on August 24, 2019.

He had won an unlawful termination lawsuit filed against IAS with the Civil Court.

The court found his termination had been unlawful, and ordered for him to be re-instated to his previous post or a post of the same level within 15 days.

The IAS was also ordered to pay Ameen MVR 2,871,239 in salaries and allowances he would have earned if he hadn’t been fired.

The IAS appealed the ruling with the High Court, but later reached an out of court settlement with Ameen and asked the court to dismiss the petition.