Muizzu’s first 100 days: IVF to be included in Aasandha

President elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu holding a baby at a campaign rally. (Photo/Campaign Team)

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu states he will include fertility treatment under the state’s health insurance scheme, Aasandha, within the first 100 days of assuming office.

The incoming administration’s first 100-day plan unveiled on Wednesday night states fertility treatment, including IVF, will be included under Aasandha within the first 100 days after the new administration takes office.

In addition to this, specialized treatments for health conditions faced by women including endomitosis and PCOS will also be included under Aasandha, which is targeted to be achieved within the first nine weeks of the administration.

Apart from this, the first 100-day plan also includes paving the way for free bone marrow transplant which is targeted to be achieved within the first four weeks.

Other plans for the health sector include commencing work to introduce air ambulance within the first 14 weeks and drawing up a policy to ensure the quality of prescription medication available in the Maldives within the first 100 days.

It also includes arranging twice-a-year free medical checkups for every Maldivian within the first four weeks and the establishment of a 24-hour helpline for mental health patients.