Tree Top Hospital successfully manages first asynchronous twin delivery

Tree Top Hospital has achieved an impressive milestone by successfully performing an Asynchronous Twin Delivery (ATD), a rare procedure involving the delivery of two babies from the same pregnancy, though not simultaneously.

TTH said their skilled team of doctors and nurses, who worked in tandem with the advanced facilities of the hospital – played a pivotal role to successfully deliver the second twin with a 98-day interval compared to the first twin who spontaneously miscarried at 18 weeks.

Asynchronous twin births are extremely rare, and their success relies on personalized management, constant monitoring, and early detection of complications.

TTH said that despite the significant risks associated with such pregnancies, their team dedicatedly safeguarded the well-being of both the mother and child by carefully extending the pregnancy term day by day to maximize the chances of success.

“At the most critical moment, our trustworthy obstetric and gynecological surgeons rose to the occasion and performed a swift emergency cesarean section, handing over the baton to our team of pediatricians who provided extensive care for the baby until discharge,” said the hospital.

TTH said that both pre- and post-delivery threats were effectively managed through personalized care and medical interventions.

The hospital said that the mother had a quick and effective recovery process without all the anticipated complications, while the baby, named Dua, was discharged in good health after a few days at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

TTH said the achievement was spearheaded by Dr. Maria Cristina Almonte consultant in obstetrics and gynecology and her OB-GYN team, alongside neonatologists Dr. Ingrid, Dr. Bipin, Dr. Mustafa, and pediatricians Dr. Alessandra and Dr. Subin.

TTH said it takes pride in achieving this significant milestone, a feat in the Maldivian healthcare system, and worldwide rarity.

TTH said it remains unwavering in its commitment to providing the highest standard of clinical care.

“The success of this asynchronous twin delivery highlights our hospital's strong reputation in effectively managing complex pregnancies, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare for our valued guests,” said the hospital.