Secretary General recommends four solutions for Nasheed's motion

Secretary General of Parliament, Fathimath Niusha, speaking at the Supreme Court.

There are four solutions within the parliamentary system to make sure the no-confidence motion against the Speaker of Parliament does not remain pending, the Secretary General of the Parliament, Fathimath Niusha, told at the Supreme Court today.

The second hearing of MDP's petition over the stalled of no-confidence against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed Nasheed began at the Supreme Court at 09:00am today. The Democrats, which have intervened in this case, said repeatedly said the issue should not be resolved by taking it to court, citing it to be an issue that could be resolved through Parliament.

The justice questioned them about it as the Democrats repetitive statements claiming there was no need for the Supreme Court to intervene in the case. 

Niusha asked for an opportunity to say something in her capacity as the secretary general of the parliament during which she proposed four ways for the parliament secretariate to proceed with the matter. They are:

Under Article 108 (B) of the parliament's regulations, the General Committee of the Parliament shall, on its own initiative, can decide on an amendment to the regulations and submit it to the parliament floor. 

An ordinary member moving a resolution to amend the regulations of the parliament under Article 167 of the regulations

Moving an amendment to regulations as a motion under article 249 (B) of the parliament's regulation 

The parliament coming to a decision for this particular circumstance as Article 205 of the regulation does not detail how to proceed.

Niusha noted that the regulations state that no further work can be undertaken in the session except the motion of no confidence against the Speaker, once such a motion is submitted to a legislative sitting of Parliament. 

Therefore, as the no-confidence motion against Nasheed has not yet been submitted to a legislative sitting, she said the parliament secretariat believes the parliament can proceed with other works.