Tiny Himandhoo raise MVR 200,000 for Palestine

Stelco employees during the event held with Himandhoo Stelco station's leadership.

The people of AA. Himandhoo, with a population of 742 people, have raised MVR 230,000 to help Palestine.

Speaking to Sun about the event that was held last Saturday, Himandhoo Stelco Station Manager Ali Naseem said the event was initiated by Himandhoo Stelco in collaboration with the island's associations and agencies.

He said that preparations for the event began a week prior to when it was held and that the event had various food stalls and activities. Then people from the island had tea in the evening and ate dinner at the stalls. There were about four sports events organized by all the institutions,” he said.

He said people went diving a week ago brought many lobsters and octopuses to prepare for the event. These were grilled and sold during the event, he said. 

Stelco employees washing motorcycles during the event held with Himandhoo Stelco station's leadership.

In addition, funds were raised through a T-shirt auction and motorcycle washing by Stelco employees Stelco employees washed 47 motorcycles. A family in Himandhoo donated MVR 15,000 to the event. 

He said the event received a lot of support from the entire island. 500 tickets were sold from 4 to 6 pm, he said. He said 400 tickets were sold from 8pm to 11pm.

"There is an association called 'Kambalun' in the island. We received a lot of help from them. All the people of the island were very helpful,” he said.

Naseem said this is the largest event held in the island so far. The proceeds from this event have now been donated to the International Aid Campaign (IAC).

Following the surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on the 7th of this month, Israel declared war on the Palestinians and launched a massive massacre.

The attacks from Israel have killed more than 8,000 Palestinians so far, most of which have been women and children.