Record expenditure on Aasandha this year

Aasandha office.

The expenditure on the government’s health insurance scheme, Aasandha, has hit a record figure this year.

As per the state budget proposed for next year, MVR 2.3 million has been incurred for Aasandha this year; an increase of MVR 1.2 million compared to what was budgeted.

The state budget proposed for next year has MVR 1.9 million allocated for Aasandha, with emphasis on decreasing expenditure on the government’s health insurance scheme. With the record expenditure on Aasandha this year, the supplementary budget submitted by the government includes MVR 1.2 million for Aasandha.

Finance Ministry forecasted that Aasandha expenditure could climb up to MVR 3.4 million if cost control measures are not implemented.

Expenditure on Aasandha had increased by 20 percent of what was initially budgeted in the past five years, with the highest expenditure on Aasandha, prior to this year, recorded last year.  

Medication covered under Aasandha scheme costs over MVR 500 million averagely. 

The government therefore has taken measures to control the cost of medications. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), medication sold in the Maldives is priced 15 to 75 percent higher than the base price.