Faris: Palestinians will rise up stronger

Ahmed Faris Maumoon. (Sun Photo)

Ahmed Faris Maumoon, the president of Maldives Reform Movement (MRM), said on Saturday that Zionists and their backers should not be in any doubt about the generational trauma Israel is bringing upon the world.

In a post on X, Faris, who ran in the recent Maldivian presidential election, called the relentless attacks on Palestine by Israeli forces “genocide.”

He said that apart from the pain, grief and distress being brought upon the Palestinians by the genocide, the world at large is witnessing and living through daily images, videos and stories of abject horror that is traumatizing the human race.

Faris said that unlike previous decades, because of social media, it is not just the victims who know and experience the truth of the horrors.

He said that the genocide by Israel and its sponsors will have repercussions for decades to come.

“The oppressed may seem weak and helpless now. But, make no mistake, they will rise up and overthrow the oppressors,” he said.

Israel has launched countless air strikes on Gaza in response to Hamas’s October 7 attacks inside the country, which Israeli officials say killed 1,405 people.

At least 7,326 Palestinians, including more than 3,000 children, have been killed in Israeli air strikes.

Gaza continues to be unreachable to the outside world after the cutting of phone and internet services, as humanitarian and media organizations warn the communications blackout could provide cover for atrocities in the besieged enclave.

The collapse of communications services in Gaza came as Israel ramped up its bombardment ahead of an expected full-scale ground offensive on the enclave.