Faris: Division born to end Maumoon administration should no longer exist

Ahmed Faris Maumoon. (Sun Photo)

Ahmed Faris Maumoon, who is contesting the upcoming presidential election as an independent candidate, says that the division that was born to end his father, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s long reign should no longer exist.

In an appearance on SSTV’s ‘Riyaasee Candidataa Eku’ show on Wednesday, Faris said the Maldivian people rose up against his father to end a long reign.

He said that back then, not many people remembered what it was like before Maumoon’s administration, and did not have anything else to compare his rule to.

Faris said that the division that was born back then continues to exist in some form, even today, leading to many citizens getting sidelined after each election.

“The division was born back then to end the long-serving administration at the time. It has been 15 years since then. That division no longer needs to exist. I want to have everyone find common ground,” he said.

Ahmed Faris Maumoon. (Sun Photo)

Faris said he wishes to establish an administration that ends the division and discrimination.

“There will no longer be people receiving or getting denied opportunities because of the party they belong to. I am someone who knows how to work closely with everyone,” he said.

Faris acknowledged that there were some people who either supported or resented him due to his father.

He asked that people judge him based on his own merit.

“I want you to judge me based on my own merit. Judge me based on what I say, my policies, the history of my actions, my experience, and my education,” he said.

“Everyone is their own person. Everyone makes their own choices. People don’t have to take responsibility for someone else’s choices.”