Dispensing code introduced to combat billing before collection of medicine

Aasandha office.

Aasandha has introduced a dispensing code for individuals collecting medicine in order to combat billing for medications issued under Aasandha for prescriptions before the medicine is collected.

Aasandha’s Spokesperson Ashiya Solih told Sun the policy, at present, is only enforced in some pharmacies in Male’ City, while it will expand to all pharmacies in the near future.

In this regard, pharmacists will inquire the ID card number and phone number of the individual going to collect the medicine under this policy as of present. Once these details are entered into the Aasandha portal, the dispensing code will be sent to the phone number of the respective individual. A transaction for the medicine can only be made once the code is entered into the portal.

Ashiya noted that some pharmacies began implementing this policy on a trial basis back in May, only to commence implementing the policy officially this month.

Prior to this, only a doctor’s prescription was required for medication issued under Aasandha.