Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting adjourned after failure to meet quorum

Parliamentarians pictured during a sitting. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

Monday’s Parliamentary sitting was adjourned after failure to meet the 22 MP quorum legally required to hold a sitting. 

Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla, who was presiding over the sitting, in her opening remarks, said she was adjourning the sitting subsequent to failure to meet the quorum even after ringing the bell.

She did not disclose the number of parliamentarians in attendance for Tuesday’ sitting, out of the 86

The most important work on the agenda for Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting pertains to the forecasted supplementary budget submitted for the prevailing year.

A parliamentary sitting was successfully held on Monday. However, many sittings over the past months, had to have been adjourned, to resume later, over the failure to meet the quorum. The failure to meet the quorum has become a common occurrence despite a number of important works pending in the parliament.

It is important to note that parliamentarians receive hefty salaries and allowances.