Sama's Tiktok community donates over MVR 50,000 to Palestine

Bank slips from the fundraising event held by Mariyam Sama Shareef (centre) last night to help the people of Palestine.

Under the leadership of Mariyam Sama Shareef, who is raising funds to help with medical expenses via Tiktok, her Tiktok community has raised USD 550 and MVR 51,225 last night in an hour-long fundraising event on Tiktok live in collaboration with ‘Hithun Hithah’.

The funds that were received during the Tiktok live, which went on from 8:30 till 9:30 last night, were donated to the emergency relief fund that was opened by the Islamic Aid Campaign (IAC) in order to help Palestine.

Mariyam Sama, who works at a resort, is a prominent figure in the Maldivian Tiktok community. She hosts fundraisers in order to help children afflicted by various illnesses via the ‘Hithun Hithah’ community every month.

This month, they have raised over MVR 80,000 and donated it to the family of two children’s families, for the children’s medical expenses. And they raised over MVR 100,00 this past month.

The events held on Sama’s Tiktok, which boasts a follower count of over 38,000, to raise funds have received both the praise and trust of many people. She shows how she is receiving funds, and gives assurance of having donated all of the raised funds to the people that it is meant for during the live. Because she maintains this trust constantly, many people participate in her events.

Mariyam Sama Shareef, a resort worker who raises funds for children with various illnesses on Tiktok live.

Sama has shared the bank transfer slips from last night on social media. The total donation made last night was, in MVR, 59,706.

IAC is getting ready to hold a special telethon today, in collaboration with Maldives’ media, to help the people of Palestine. Events were held all across the country to show that the people of Maldives are standing with Palestine yesterday as well.