Dismissal of magistrate who contacted divorce petitioner to parliament’s Judiciary Committee

HDh. Atoll judicial district’s chief magistrate Ali Adam.

The motion submitted to the parliament by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seeking the dismissal of HDh. Atoll’s chief magistrate Ali Adam – accused of calling and harassing a woman who filed a divorce petition with the court – has been forwarded to the parliament’s Judiciary Committee for investigation.

JSC submitted the motion to the parliament on July 23rd.

At Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting, the motion was forwarded to the Judiciary Committee for further investigation by the chair.

Ali Adam is accused of repeatedly calling and texting one of the petitioners of a divorce petition submitted to the Kulhudhuffushi Magistrate Courts.

Although he has been suspended over the case, JSC decided to seek his dismissal at the parliament as his actions violated the code of conduct of judges under the Judges Act.

JSC initially suspended Ali Adam in connection to the case back in May in light of the information received for their investigation, on the principles of upholding the trust in the judiciary. His suspension was extended indefinitely on July 23rd.

A few days before Ali Adam was suspended, the police arrested two people for threatening to kill him.

The suspects, identified as a 23-year-old and a 25-year-old, reportedly made the threat after confronting him at the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital on May 22.

However, it is unclear if the two cases are related.