Elections Commission at the receiving end of praise from everyone

From the press conference held by the Elections Commission on September 2, 2023. (Sun Photo/Maahil Athif)

As voting in the runoff round of 2023’s presidential election concluded today, the Elections Commission (EC), which organized and oversaw the election, has been on the receiving end of praise from everyone.

Members of the public expressed these sentiments on Twitter.

In this regard, the public, noting how seamless the voting process had been, commended EC’s whole team and chairperson Fuad Thaufeeq.

Furthermore, they also stressed that such a peaceful election had not been held in the Maldives prior to this.

They added that this election must be regarded as an example when holding elections in the future.

Some of them had described Fuad as the “Man of the Match”, going on to say Fuad should be congratulated when congratulating the president-elect.

Another person noted how voters had to wait in queue for extended amounts of time to vote in the first round. The person cited the significantly shorter time voters had to wait in queue to vote in the runoff as the biggest difference of this election, compared to ones held previously.

With even furthermore sentiments and thoughts – Twitter is ravaged with praise to EC and Fuad. The work they did for this election, deserves a medal.