MMC to take action against fake reports amid election

Ahmed Mustafa, MMC's president.

Maldives Media Council (MMC) is preparing to crack down on a spike in fake reports amid the Maldives presidential election.

MMC’s president Ahmed Mustafa said on Sunday that the council has noticed an increase in fake reports linked to the election.

He said that the complaints committee was investigating several such reports, submitted to the committee over the last two-three weeks.

“We held meetings last week with several institutions and media-related bodies to review the steps that can be taken. The committee will begin taking action against persons that spread fake news soon,” he said.

Mustafa said that in addition to finding solutions, the discussions also focused on awareness programs that news outlets and TV stations can run.

Mustafa said the MMC has investigated complaints submitted by others as well as cases taken on at the council’s own initiation, in recent days.

He said that some media outlets have been asked to answer to complaints.

According to Mustafa, the council has finished investigations into ten cases – including two investigated at the council’s own initiation – over the last two months – involving misleading reports and failure to adhere to the code of conduct.