Suspects found guilty of attacking Nolhivaram MP fined

Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla. (Photo/Parliament)

Criminal Court, on Wednesday, found two suspects charged in connection to the attack on Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla (Mosta) guilty of the crime, slapping them with a fine.

The two suspects, charged with unlawful physical contact, in the case are; Maathiu Mohamed Shakeeb and Lubaan Abdulla.

Nasheed was attacked during last year’s November, as he was getting on his motorcycle after exiting his home. As per the charges, Maathiu and Lubaan had attacked Nasheed with their bare hands after pulling up to the parliamentarian on a motorbike.

Both individuals had pled guilty to the charge during the trial, requesting a lenient punishment.

If the suspect pleads guilty in a case, his or her sentence should be one degree lower than the principal punishment for the crime. In line with this, the suspects’ punishment, in this case, will be a 27-day prison sentence.

While Maathiu has already spend 21 days in custody over the case, Lubaan has spent 16 days in custody over the case. Therewith, Shakeel will have to serve six days while Lubaan will have to serve 11 days. Both suspects were also fined.

Maathiu received a fine of MVR 1,200 while Lubaan received a fine of MVR 2,200 which needs to be settled within a one-month timeframe.