Police warns of scam texts asking to pay customs fee for DHL package

Police Headquarters, Shaheed Hussain Adam Building. (Sun file photo)

Maldives Police Service, on Tuesday, has warned of scam texts under the pretense of TMA, claiming non-delivering DHL package due to unpaid customs fees, attached with a fake payment link.

The fake payment link, which inquires credit card information, was stressed by the police as a scam. They urged the public against accessing any link attached to any such texts.

Maldives has recently seen a hike in scam calls and texts under false pretenses to fraudulently obtain money. Many have become victims of such scams with some losing large amounts of money.

Police identified that many of such calls came from Maafushi area, where a prison is based.

Regulations surrounding mobile sim ownership and sale have been tightened as such scams continue to persist.