President: I have no role in “shutting down” the Parliament

MDP's presidential candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih captured during door-to-door campaign in Male' City. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has denied his involvement in “shutting down” the Parliament, preventing it from getting any work done, as accused by Speaker, former president Mohamed Nasheed.

President Solih spoke to the press on the sidelines of his ongoing door-to-door campaign in Male’ City. Responding to a question from Sun with respect to Nasheed’s allegations – President Solih said he does not believe the parliament is in a “deadlock”.

He, citing it was possible for some sittings to go without seeing the attendance of all MPs, said he does not attribute such a situation to a “deadlock”. He also stressed that he has not received the

He also said he had not received the letter sent by Speaker Nasheed, regarding the parliament alleged deadlock.

“They (sittings) are proceeding, aren’t it? This has previously happened in some older sittings as well. But the sitting had proceeded. I did not receive the letter in question. Did wait on it till 12:30pm,” he said.

President Solih strongly denied Nasheed’s allegations claiming he had a role in preventing the parliament from getting any work done.

Noting he had served in the parliament for 25 years, the president said he is ‘somewhat’ aware of how the parliament’s works proceed.

“I know how the parliament’s works proceed, and what can be done in this trajectory. Therefore, I will not put myself there. I never will,” he said.

Nasheed’s letter on Monday said MPs belonging to main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) were obstructing the parliament’s sitting, preventing from getting any work done, with President Solih’s participation.

He called on the president to cease efforts to take control over the branches of the government, to bring the government to a deadlock and reiterated he will remain committed to fulfilling his responsibilities as the Speaker of the Parliament.