China embassy asks Maldives to investigate fake news

Chinese ambassador Wang Lixin (L) speaks at the ceremony to hand over medical equipment to ADK Hospital on January 12, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu)

The Chinese embassy in Maldives says it has noticed a number false media reports to smear China, and has asked the Maldivian authorities to investigate media outlets spreading false information.

In a statement on Sunday, the embassy said that China always follows a policy of non-interference into other countries’ internal affairs.

“What we have done in Maldives is only to help its economic and social development, from which the local people have benefited a lot,” reads the statement.

The Chinese embassy said that it has noticed “some vicious attacks against China by a few media persons, which are totally fabricated only to smear China and undermine China-Maldives friendly relations.”

The embassy said they have asked the Maldivian authorities to thoroughly investigate such fabricators.

“Their attempts to undermine the Maldives-China friendship will be doomed to failure,” said the embassy.

The Chinese embassy expressed confidence that the Maldivian people will not be misled by the fake news.

The appeal by the Chinese embassy comes less than a week after the Indian high commission made a similar appeal.