Unlicensed driver remains free despite accident resulting one death

L. Gan. (Photo/Visit Laamu/Facebook)

Maldives Police Service, on Tuesday, said they have not arrested the driver of the car in the fatal crash between a car and motorcycle in L. Gan’s link road on Saturday.

The driver of the motorcycle had passed away while being treated for the injuries sustained during the accident at Gan Regional Hospital. Two people, inside the car at the time of the accident, also sustained injuries to various extents and received treatment at the hospital.

Although the 41-year-old motorcyclist who died in the accident held a valid driver’s license, the 28-year-old who was driving the car did not possess a driver’s license, as per the police.

Police have not disclosed whether the driver of the car has been penalized over the accident – however – they have confirmed no arrests have been made in the case.

This accident in Gan was the first accident on Saturday – the second one being an accident in Fuvahmulah City.

The 30-year-old man, as per the police, was driving at a high speed, and skidded on a speed bumper.

Police said he was first treated at Fuvahmulah City, and later transferred to ADK Hospital for further treatment, where he passed away.

It was noted by the police that the man held a valid driver’s license.