Maldives confirms additional new case of measles

A young girl with rashes caused by Measles. (Photo/Google)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) states an additional case of measles has been confirmed from the Maldives on Tuesday.

Maldives had eradicated measles in 2017, during former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s administration. Cases of measles were reported from Addu in January 2020, and one case was reported from the same city back in April. Two more cases were confirmed later in July and August, which included one case from Male’ area.

HPA, announcing an additional case of measles was identified yesterday, noted that further investigations are underway including contact tracing efforts.

“During contact tracing, contacts who have not completed measles vaccination will be identified and inoculated,” they added.

In addition to this, HPA said ring vaccination efforts were underway to inoculate individuals who have not completed the measle vaccination doses that live in close proximity to the patient.

Getting two shots of the measles vaccine reduces the chance of infection by 97 percent. However, given the highly contagious nature of the disease, people who make direct contact are still at risk of contracting the disease.

The most common symptoms of Measles are fever, red rashes all over the body, cough and runny nose. Some may even experience redness in the eyes, said HPA.