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Presidential Debate


SanguTv in partnership with Maldivies National University (MNU) and Public Service Media (PSM) hosts the presidential debate. 

03:25 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Umar said that in the past 15 years, the presidents ruled with increasing drug usage, corruption and debt, and that a democratic system could not provide the solutions aldiviaians seek. 

He stressed the importance of holding on to the Islamic Shariah inorder to solve this large issue. 

He said that a soft leader cannot look after the Indian personnel he believes are in Maldives. .

03:20 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Explaining his choice to contest as an independent candidate, Zameel said that this was so he could carry out the necessary tasks without being partial 

He pledged to reduce expenses, and debt as well. 


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said the past 20 years need to be thought about, especially about the government in power until 2018, before making a decision regarding the election. He recalled that during that time, political leaders were imprisoned and newspapers were shut down. 

He also noted that after the government came into power, they had to carry out projects to provide basic necessities such as water, sewage and electricity to many islands. 

The president stated that when he took over, state income was at MVR22 billion, and pledged to increase that to MVR50 billion.

03:09 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that people need to aim to gain Maldives back, and the wrong choice could lead to the loss of sovereignty. He also said that Maldives has slid back on the road to development. 

As per him, development can only be brought by those who has previously shown results.

03:05 Ahmed Zahir (Hiriga)

"This election has a lot of government influence in it, and lacks transparency."

Qasim Ibrahim

03:04 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Qasim promised free healthcare for all in his government. 

He also said that his manifesto was more thorough and complete in comparison to other candidates. As per him, both PPM and MDP have failed in ruling, hence in this election people need to vote for a more capable candidate. 

03:00 Nafaahath Ibrahim

 Faris expressed that minor changes cannot reform Maldives, but instead, a mutually agreeable policy was needed. He added that he would begin formulating this policy from the very first day of his government. 

Additionally, he revealed plans to draft a national development plan within two years, and pass it through a referendum . 

Faris said that with this plan in place, there would be no stopping on projects one government starts after another comes into power. He added that this would cut down wasteful expenses too. 


Ilyas said that people's earnings need to increase, as living expenses have soared, and citizens no longer make any profits. 

He needed to be elected in order to enhance the living standards of all the citizens. Speaking further, he said that health, and education needed to be freed from political influences, and the systems in place should be strengthened. He said that people must vote for him to bring these changes to Maldives. 

02:42 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Responding to the questions on the coup, Nazim said that what he did on February 7, was a national service. 

Indicating that the Corney report released on said events did not list any issues from him, Nazim said that he had no involvement in the overthrow of the government. 

Moreover, he said that some leaders throw accusations of this nature against him as they are hesitent regarding him. 

02:37 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"God willing, I am right now in the second round. God willing, I will take the oath of presidency."

Ilyas Labeeb

02:35 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris stressed that he has not been involed in any corruption, nor was any investigation related to him currently ongoing.

He further said that in his government, cases regading him can be investigated as well, and that there would be no influencing casted towards the judiciary. 

02:33 Nafaahath Ibrahim

According to Qasim, everytime, each government after coming to power by forming coalitions with him, take away the things that were given to him. 

He revaled that this is why he is left to take the legal path in getting compensations for his losses. 

02:03 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that he has the complete trust of Yameen. 

Moreover, he pledged to end political influences on courts, and stated that once that is achived, Yameen will walk free. 

02:01 Ahmed Zahir (Hiriga)

"I have not employed any family members in my government. And would not do so in the future as well."

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

02:00 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Zameel revealed that he discovered things were not going well when he working in the government. 

He further said that many must come forward in order to rectify the issues at hand. 

01:58 Nafaahath Ibrahim

As per Umar, in order to solve the issues plauged in Maldives, the Islamic Shariah needed to be adopted. He assured that he would chose this path is working towards solving major issues such as corruption and murder. 

01:49 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Zameel stated that once the corruption was dealt with, all issues in health sector, as well as other areas will be resolved. 

01:49 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Ilyas claimed that the government’s biggest betrayal was in forcing people to beg for Asandha. He added that the changes brought to healthcare incomes were not done well. 

He promised to strengthen Asandha.

01:33 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Nazim said that the health sector has failed, and that there is no equality in the healthcare provided. 

He pledged to introduce an insurance card, and implement a system that provides medical treatment equally to all. 

01:31 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris pledged to increase the retirement age from 65 to 70. Regarding youth, he said that instead of criticizing, they need to be guided. 

He said that lack of regulation in the health sector has caused much loss, and in his rule, people will get the highest quality medication. 

Moreover, he pledged to erase Asandha, and bring in a much more transparent system and implement it.

01:28 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Qasim promised opportunities for youth, and commented that in order to better the future, changes have to happen in the education system.

Additionally, he said that the senior citizen allowance needed to be increased, and he would raise it from MVR5000 to MVR7000. 

Talking about his plans for the health sector, Qasim said that he intends to help anyone that asks for it. He went on to say that Maldivian health sector would be operated similarly to other countries. 

01:23 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that youth requirements were included in the manifesto, and spoke about introducing a creator's income, and also modern payment facilities. 

Venturing into the health sector, Muizzu stressed that laboratory testing for quality assurance of medicine imported into Maldives need to be strengthened. 

He said that at the moment, Asandha is very much misused, and in his government, a large amount would be spent on preventative healthcare.

01:14 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President promised to increase the allowance for elderly over 65 years of age, and would provide smaller loans at the time of retirement, in order to be able to start their own ventures. 

Talking about youth, he assured facilities for different areas. 

Moreover, he said that when his government took over, the health industry was failed. 

He added that they were currently “treating” Aasandha, and said that work was ongoing to form agreements to supply medications from Europe. 

The president further noted that they were able to harmonize the prizes of 71 medications, saving MVR 20 million in the process. 

01:04 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Umar said that all the other candidates were engaging in ‘sweet talk’, and were not saying anything substantial.
He said that none of the remaining candidates would follow through even if they get elected. 

Speaking further, he noted that when companies carry out housing projects, corruption has increased to an unusual level. 

According to him, during school age, children need to enroll in activities such as cadets, and afterwards all boys should be mandated to complete national service. 

01:00 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Zameel said that spending large sums to establish services in smaller islands provide false hope to people. However, he said that Male’ was no longer in a habitable condition. 

The time limit for the question expired before he was able to provide further details on how he intends to bring a solution.

00:58 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Solih said that they were working on urban centers to eliminate overcrowding. 

00:56 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Will permanently solve and close off the housing issue."

Dr Mohamed Muizzu

00:55 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Speaking on centralization towards Male’ City, Faris said that instead of looking at how it is now, leaders needed to lead towards a change, and also advance people’s thinking about it. 

00:53 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Solih stated that his government has done work towards solving the housing crisis in the Male’, and said that there were no issues in the land issuing from Gulhifalhu and Giraavaru. 

Furthermore, he expressed hope of handing over all land to all those who requested it by the end of his term. 

00:49 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu noted that state companies were in deep debt, hence independent companies were needed. He also reiterated that printing of money has ruined the economy. 

Furthermore, he said that strengthening said companies was essential to overcoming the housing crisis. 

Muizzu also revealed intentions to come up with a system to assist those who receive housing plots in building on their land. 

00:43 Nafaahath Ibrahim

As per Qasim, at the moment there was no justice in housing, and the government was gaining illicit profits using the issue. 

To solve this, he proposed cutting out rent from all social housing, and assured that he would take whatever loan needed in order to make it happen.

Indicating that he previously filled the role of Finance Minister, Qasim said that he has experience when it comes to such matters.

00:39 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris stated that there was not much difference between demand and supply in housing. He also said that there was not much organization in things such as social housing. 

In his government, Faris assured that a housing plan will be made, and a referendum would be taken regarding it as well. 

00:36 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Ilyas said that if there were difficulties in obtaining funds to build houses, he would make way for that through state guarantee. He also pledged to build five, fifteen story condominiums. 

00:34 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Nazim said that he does not belive in chasing former presidents, and that he would ensure former leaders have room to lead dignified lives. 

Additonally, speaking on judiciary, he said that he would work towards enabling judges to work independently, and make their decisions to be honorable. 

He also pleged to end imprisonment without any proving any plausible reasons. 

Venturing in to housing, Nazim said that he belives a huge change needs to happen in the policies currently in place. He stated that when the economy strengthens in his government, the ratings of Maldives would increase, and would qualifty for loans from banks. 

With that, he said that he would able to solve the housing issues.

00:28 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Ilyas said that he would do everything necessary to provide people with justice. 

He assured that in his government, an environment will be created where there is no fear of losing anyones job, and would provide opportunities to increase wealth of individuals. 

00:25 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris said that he would no lead any investigations on President Solih

00:24 Nafaahath Ibrahim

“I have no interest in running after former presidents.”

Ilyas Labeeb

00:22 Nafaahath Ibrahim

“We are here, spending time to change the livihood of people. We let those powers go in our government. Will free the judiciary.”

Faris Maumoon

00:20 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris stated his belief that there are major issues with the judiciary, but no government has been able to change this. 

He pledged to free the courts, and the judiciary from political influences.

00:16 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Qasim said that he faced injustice during President Yameen’s time in power. He accused the government of inflicting influence on his trial at the time. 

00:15 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"No one was inprisioned illegally in President Yameen's government."

Dr Mohamed Muizzu

00:13 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that the constitution asks to act in line with Islam, and said that he would rule as such, in a just manner. He also said that in his government, the spirit of revenge would come to an end. 

00:05 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"The sentence he (former President Yameen) faced is not linked to any politcally motivated reasons."

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

00:04 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih described the days following the fall of MDP’s government in 2012 to be the darkest and fearful times. Recalling state leaders, parliamentarians and politicians being jailed, he noted that this has changed since 2018. 

He said with certainty that no one has been jailed for politically promoted reasons. 


23:59 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Expressing that a political system did not erase fear, Zameel said that because of this, politics need reform. 

He promised to create more awareness, and would educate that political changes do not need to be feared. 

23:57 Nafaahath Ibrahim

According to Umar, with the introduction of political parties,  divisions occured in Maldives, discipline in children was lost, and it proved to be of no benefit. 

He said that only politicians benefited from it. If proved, he vowed to take action against anyone for corruption, and also noted that politicians have no room to commit crimes either.

23:53 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Political differences should not land anyone in jail. I do not believe anyone was jailed recently for such a reason. "

Umar Naseer

23:51 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Nazim said that there is foreign military presence in Maldives. 

In a government formed by him, he said that the Indian military in Maldives would be sent back. But he assured that military relations that need to be maintained that other countries will be maintained. 

23:48 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Uthuruthilafalhu belongs to Malives. It is being developed with the free aid from India."

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

23:47 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Solih assured that there are no clauses in any agreement that would endanger national security. 

23:46 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Ilyas said that if there is any foreign presence, it should be clearly known. No country should impose influence on Maldives. 

23:43 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris assured that if there are any foreign military present, they would be asked to leave. 

Refusl to corperate with this would be considered as an act or war. 

23:42 Nafaahath Ibrahim

No foreign presence should be allowed without seeking the approval of the Parliament, and said that this government has gone against the constitution by a large margin.

23:36 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Solih said that Uthuruthilafalhu posed no danger. 

Furthermore, he dismissed the talk of receiving any funds from any country for the campaign. 

23:34 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that as a first thing, he would go through the terms of the Uthuruthilafalhu agreement, ‘saving’ the region. 

23:31 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Foreign military need to be sent off. That is non-negotiable."

Dr Mohamed Muizzu

23:29 Nafaahath Ibrahim

There is no foreign military from any country for military purposes. There has not been then, nor now.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

23:26 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said there were no foreign military in Maldives at any time for military purposes. However, personnel from different countries were in Maldives for training and exercises. 

23:23 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that the presence of any foreign military was a major issue. 

He said that they were not here simply for training, and accused their presence to be the reason why the sea area was lost. 

No military personnel were negotiable. 

23:19 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Zameel said that he has not observed Indian military personnel operating in a manner that threatens Maldivians, and that there is no danger to national security from their presence. 

Additionally, he noted that it was not only the Indian military that was in Maldives. 

As for National Security, he said that it otherwise needed work to be done on it. 


23:14 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Umar Naseer said that the past three governments had foreign military personnel based in Maldives, which has been a huge threat to national security. 

He went on to say that this government has sold sovereignty after coming into power, and added that with an India-first policy in the picture, the Indian military cannot be controlled. 

23:09 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"My policy is not an 'India-first' or 'China-first' one. Our policy is a Maldives first one."

Umar Naseer

23:06 Nafaahath Ibrahim

According to Umar, control on foreign policies have been lost since this government came into the picture. He accused India of playing a role in Maldives losing a portion of sea in the Chagos case.  

23:02 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Zameel said he has no intentions of having a particular relationship with China or India.

Commenting on the current and former foreign policies adopted by governments, he said that the standards were good. He added that both the current and former government was able to see the outcome of having too close a connection with a specific nation.  

22:58 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Relations with China is very good. We are getting numerous aid from China even now."

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

22:57 Nafaahath Ibrahim

President Solih said that his foreign policy is already designed to better the democracy and human rights conditions.

He assured that a leading foreign policy would be continued.  

22:53 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"We will have a foreign policy that would prioritize Maldivians. Will have relationships with all the counris that are good to Maldives."

Dr Mohamed Muizzu

22:51 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that he would give the most importance to implementing a foreign policy that would be most beneficial to Maldivians. As long as no one comes over the surrounding walls, relations would be maintained with all the countries, he added. 

He promised a policy that would enhance the independence of Maldivians, and prove to be profitable to individual citizens. 

22:51 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Muizzu said that he would give the most importance to implementing a foreign policy that would be most beneficial to Maldivians. As long as no one comes over the surrounding walls, relations would be maintained with all the countries, he added. 

He promised a policy that would enhance the independence of Maldivians, and prove to be profitable to individual citizens. 

22:46 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Qasim said that he would be implementing a foreign strategy similar to that of former president’s Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom and Nasir Ibrahim. 

He also said his most important foreign policy would be to prioritize Maldivians. 

Qasim stressed that his first, second and third priority would be Maldivians. 

22:40 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Faris said that it was not commendable to rely on foreign aid when it comes to internal affairs. 

As for foreign policies, he said that Maldivies should strive towards achieving good relations with all nations, with Israel as the only exception.

Faris also noted that Maldives should take on a leadership role both regionally and globally. 

22:34 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Will reopen Chagos chase. Will regain the area from the sea which was sold off."

Ilyas Labeeb

22:33 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Speaking on foreign policies, Ilyas said that this would be formulated to enhance the wealth of individual citizens. 

He vowed to reduce the number of staff working in embassies, and strengthen the functions. 

In addition to this he assured to regain the area from the sea which Maldives allegedly lost. 

22:28 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Nazim highlighted that his foreign strategy is a ‘people first’ one. 

He pledged to increase the profits people gain from all directions, and that he would ensure Maldives is an economically independent nation. 

As per him, he would make Maldives a country that works towards the rights of Maldivians, as well as other small nations. 


22:22 Nafaahath Ibrahim

MNP’s candidate Mohamed Nazim said under his government debt would be restructured within the fist 100 days. He also said that in two years time, airport would be completed, along with all the unfinished resorts. 

Nazim went on to state that he would make information technology and education an industry. 

22:17 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"I am coming to reduce the tax that was increased from six percent to eight percent."

Ilyas Labeeb

22:16 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Candidate for The Democratics Ilyas Labeeb said that in 2026, the state would be required to pay USD 2 billion as debt repayment. 

He went on to state that the current government would not be able to do this, but instead, assured that he would the one to do it. 

Furthermore, he said that in a government formulated under him, debt will be restructured.

22:12 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Will reduce and eliminate regressive taxes."

Faris Maumoon

22:11 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Independent candidate Faris Maumoon said that debt need to be restructured. He assured that he would organize the economy, end all wasteful state expenses, and manage the loss of funds through corruption. 

22:05 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Will not be taking any more taxes. But rather, I am talking about harmonizing the tax system."

Qasim Ibrahim

22:03 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Jumhoory Party’s (JP) candidate Qasim Ibrahim assured that he would gain a large protion of the debt for the year 2026 in the form of free aid. He also expressed that he would be able to manage the remaining by increasing the amount of income generated. 

22:00 Ahmed Zahir (Hiriga)

"Will not implement additional taxes. But will expand tax base."

Dr Mohamed Muizzu

21:59 Nafaahath Ibrahim

PNC’s candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu said that the state debt is extremely high at the moment. He added that currency printing needed to end or there is not stopped the country’s economy from going astrey. 


21:55 Nafaahath Ibrahim

"Right now I have no intentions of introducing any new taxes."

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

21:53 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Incumbent president and the candidate for MDP President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said that discussions were ongoing to delay paying some of the debts. He also said that the Sovereign  Development Fund will be further expanded. 

The President said that there were no difficulties in repaying debt. 

21:50 Nafaahath Ibrahim

Independent candidate Hassan Zameel said that in order to pay the country’s debt, wasteful expenses need to stop. 

He went on to explain that he intends to cut off all such expenses which are currently taking place, and would also introduce new taxes before carrying out his projects.


Speaking at the debate, independent candidate Umar Naseer labeled him as the sole candidate who has not made pledges that are unrealistic. 

Hence, he said that such pledges need to stop, and a shift need to be brought to the direction the country is headed.

As per Umar, this was the only way to overcome the debt the country is in. He also added that he would not increase tax to pay the debt. 



Several political frontliners of Maldives, including former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, leader of People's National Congress (PNC) Abdul Raheem Abdulla and Chairperson of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Fayyaz Ismail.