Police teams depart to oversee security in islands for presidential elections

Police Officers. (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Ifaz)

Police teams that will be overseeing the security of this year’s presidential election have begun to depart to islands from capital Male’ CIty. 

As per Maldives Police Services, teams began departing in the early morning hours yesterday. The first to leave yesterday were the police teams headed for the northern atolls. Teams that are headed to the southern atolls will depart today.

“Police will be deployed in all islands of the Maldives to oversee security during the presidential election. Teams of police have been stationed in every region, in preparation for any situation that required the presence of more officers at an island in addition to the teams that are already active on those islands," the police said. 

Police said the teams deployed to ensure security for the presidential election have been provided training under the Police Service Act and have been briefed on other information related to the election. 

Maldives Police Service has proactively been preparing to oversee security during the presidential election, whereas Chief Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shakir has been appointed as the operation's commander.

Superintendent of Police Ahmed Muslim has been appointed as the deputy commander.

A total of eight candidates are contesting the September 9 presidential election, including five from political parties and three independent candidates.