Sangu’s presidential debate slated for Saturday, all 5 candidates from parties to attend

Eight candidates contesting 2023's presidential elections.

The presidential debate hosted by Sangu TV has been slated for Saturday.

Sangu TV’s News Head Shahban Fahumy told Sun on Tuesday night that all five candidates representing political parties that were extended invitations to partake in the debate will be in attendance.

Candidates contesting the election on political parties’ tickets;

  • President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih – Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)
  • Dr. Mohamed Muizzu – People’s National Congress (PNC)
  • Ilyas Labeeb – The Democrats
  • Qasim Ibrahim – Jumhoory Party (JP)
  • Mohamed Nazim – Maldives National Party (MNP)

President Solih, whose participation in the debate had been a contentious question, is therefore confirmed to attend the debate as well.

Prior to this, he said his intention to prioritize campaign-related travels would prevent him from attending the Sangu TV’s presidential debate. He later confirmed he would attend the debate planned by state broadcaster, Public Service Media (PSM).

PSM, however, canceled the debate on Tuesday, and instead, decided to collaborate with Sangu TV in its presidential debate.

Shahban said the channel will broadcast the debate from 9:00pm on Saturday night.