Excavator overturns during sewerage work in Fodhdhoo

The excavator that was overturned in N. Fodhdhoo.

An excavator used for sewerage works has overturned into the sea in N. Fodhdhoo.

The president of the council, Mohamed Moosa, told Sun regarding this, that the excavator overturned while laying the sea pipeline for the sewerage system.

No one was injured in this incident.

“Luckily no one was injured in this incident. The driver jumped to the other side as it was overturning. If he had jumped the way the excavator was going, he wouldn’t have survived,” he said.

Mohamed Moosa also said that it would not be an easy task to retrieve the excavator.

“It can be retrieved by bringing something just as huge. At this time the excavator cannot be recovered,” Moosa said.

He said he cannot estimate when the excavator can be retrieved.

The excavator that was overturned is owned by the company Azvora.