75 students in Russia’s Kursk; Maldivian mission monitoring situation

Five people were injured at the Kursk railway station. (Photo/Reuters)

Foreign Ministry states it is closely monitoring the condition of the Maldivian students in the Kursk region of Russia – which has come under heavy attack by Ukrainian forces in recent days.

Foreign Ministry’s records show there are 75 Maldivian students enrolled in universities in Kursk.

However, according to a ministry spokesperson, most of the students are currently out of Russia for the holidays.

The Foreign Ministry said the Maldivian mission in Berlin is keeping a close eye on the students who remain in Kursk, and is closely monitoring the developments in the region.

We will take appropriate action based on the evolving situation, said the ministry.

On Sunday, a drone struck a railway station in the Kursk region, which is about 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, injuring five people.

Another drone is said to have landed in the Rostov region - which also shares a border with Ukraine - but no injuries were reported.

Russia also said it stopped a drone that was heading for Moscow, which then crashed in an unpopulated area.

Allegations of drone strikes inside Russia have become increasingly common in recent months.

Although Ukraine hasn't claimed responsibility for specific drone strikes, President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously said that attacks on Russian territory are an "inevitable, natural and absolutely fair process".