Police seeks to locate Step Ayya in forgery case

Ali Shahid (Step Ayya), 43, Dhafthar No. 035, Male' City. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Police have made an announcement seeking assistance to locate Ali Shahid (Step Ayya) in connection to a case related to forgery under investigation by the authority.

Police, in their announcement, said they have been unable to establish the whereabouts of 43-year-old Ali Shahid to serve summons to appear for the investigation of a forgery case under investigation by the Economic Crime Department.

Ali Shahid has been asked to appear at Sergeant Adam Haleem Criminal Investigation Building at 11:30pm on August 24th to be questioned in the case in accordance with Article 27 of the regulation specifying police procedure in investigations.

Despite the announcement, Ali Shahid was present at the ceremony held to inaugurate Maldives Third-Way Democrats (MTD)’s office and lounge last night.

Police also sought public assistance to locate Ali Shahid over a case under investigation by the authority last year.