Maldives presents paper at Mecca conference

Maldivian State Minister for Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Ilyas Jamal.

Maldives has presented a paper at the international Islamic conference on communication and integration with the departments of religious affairs in the world held in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The paper was presented by Maldivian State Minister for Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Ilyas Jamal.

Ilyas, who also serves as president of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA)’s Islamic council, told Sun that the main purpose of the conference – the first of its kind – is to promote unity within the Islamic Ummah.

“The main purpose of this conference is to unite the Islamic Ummah. We see this conference as a platform to discuss some of the issues facing the Islamic Ummah and address them together,” he said.

On Monday, Ilyas presented an academic paper regarding the spread of the message of Islam in Maldives.

He also delivered remarks.

Ilyas said the conference – one of thee biggest such conferences in recent history – will be of immense benefit to the Islamic Ummah.

The conference, which kicked off Sunday, is being attended by around 150 eminent Islamic scholars, muftis, religious leaders, thinkers, heads of Islamic centers and association and academics from universities from 85 countries across the world.