Members of Elections Commission united despite differences in opinion

Members of the Elections Commission (EC) captured during a press conference on August 13, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

Members of the Elections Commission (EC), on Sunday, said they remain united with respect to works related to the upcoming presidential elections despite previous differences in opinion.

Speaking at a press conference held on Sunday, EC’s Vice Chairperson Ismail Habeeb said although differences in opinion formed among members approximately a month ago, these differences in opinion no longer posed an obstruction to their work.

“There is no issue within the commission at present. We are holding meetings, and doing things,” he added.

Habeeb, citing there will be differences in opinion among all, stressed his belief against such differences in opinion being made public knowledge.

Citing how the members of the commission vote during convenings is not even disclosed by courts, Habeeb said such information being made public knowledge had not unfolded in the most desirable way.

“As someone who is a member of the commission at present, I have to say, the events unfolded very poorly. When such information becomes publicized, there will be certain worries,” he said.

Habeeb said all members of the commission and its secretary general have held discussions on how to proceed with their work, united, without stalling.

Member of the commission Dr. Mohamed Zahir who also spoke at the press said statements made by members in capacity must not be translated to a decision of the commission.

He also stressed that all members, to date, have always prioritized the work of the commission.

“Commission, till present, has always prioritized the works of the commission, especially the election,” he said.

Zahir added that the no-confidence motion members took against EC’s chairperson Fuad Thaufeeq had not been with the intention of removing him from his post.

The differences of opinion among the members of EC was a result of Fuad’s remarks to members of ‘The Democrats’ after the members' first meeting on registering the new political party.

That night, Fuad said although the validity of the forms submitted by ‘The Democrats’ had been verified, two members wished to further check the forms, attributing their desire to further check the forms to both members working influence.

The two commissioners, enraged with the remarks, boycotted multiple convenings of the commission. A no-confidence motion against Fuad was taken later.

However, as per the commission’s regulations, a no-confidence motion will not dismiss the chairman from the post. Subsequently, Fuad has been attending meetings of the commission and undertaking works of the commission even after the no-confidence motion.