Qasim pledges to increase salaries of judges by 75 percent

Jumhoory Party's leader and presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim speaks at manifesto launching event. (Sun Photo/Mahil Athif)

Jumhoory Party (JP)’s leader and presidential candidate has pledged to increase the salaries of judges by 75 percent.

Speaking at an event held at JP’s headquarters, M. Kunooz, on Wednesday night to launch his manifesto for the upcoming presidential elections – he pledged to build a separate building for the operations of both the Supreme Court and High Court.

He also said he would provide the required training for employees in the judicial sector, and facilitate all resources required to ensure the smooth running of the sector.

Qasim, noting everyone talks about reforming the judiciary, stressed no one actually works for it after assuming office. He also pointed out that the salaries of judges have not been incremented since last done when he was the finance minister.

“In the first 100 days in office, I will increase the salaries of judges by 75 percent,” he added.

He also promised to increase the salaries of employees in the judicial sector by 35 percent.