Tree Top Hospital launches back-to-school promo

Tree Top Hospital (TTH) has launched a back-to-school promotion, aimed at promoting children's health and wellness, as they prepare to return to school after the holidays.

The limited-time promotion is valid until the end of August.

TTH’s back-to-school promo features exclusive discounts on the Well Child package, tailored to different age groups.

The Well Child package includes reliable assessments and compassionate care, and offers convenience to conduct all necessary investigations, tests, and report reviews with a pediatrician.

These include assessment with pediatrician, physical examination, height, weight, and BMI, nutritional assessment, blood pressure (verified according to age and height centile related tables), glucose fasting, full blood count, iron and ferritin, vitamin D, urine analyses, revision of vaccination schedule, liver function test, renal function test, dentist screening, total cholesterol HDL, and triglycerides, review of investigations with pediatrician, G6PD screening

Discount rates for different age group;

  • Well Child (Below 6 years) – 5% discount
  • Well Child (6-12 years) – 15% discount
  • Well Child (13-18 years) – 15% discount

TTH says it is committed to the well-being of children, and believes that regular health check-ups play a crucial role in maintaining their overall health and development.

The hospital said that its back-to-school promotion is an initiative to motivate parents and guardians to prioritize their children's health before the academic year begins.

For additional information, TTH can be contacted at 3351610 or via email to [email protected].