RDC to sue Channel 13 and Dhiyares over ‘false reports’

Road Development Corporation’s (RDC) Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik (Mookey). (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Road Development Corporation (RDC) has decided to sue two local media outlets – Channel 13 and Dhiyares – over ‘false reporting’.

The company’s board made the decision during a convening on Sunday, as confirmed to Sun by a board member.

News reports from both media outlets claimed MVR 13 million was transferred from RDC’s account to the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Yasir Hassan’s personal account.

The media outlets, in their reports, drew a link in the transaction to RDC’s Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik Mookey (Mookey).

Dhiyares also reported that Mookey was complicit in serious cases of embezzlement.

Mookey has denied the allegations via a tweet in which he said no money obtained through theft has been deposited to a personal account.

“Transactions between two accounts will be traced. (I) believe it to be important to practice writing more believable stories than this while writing short stories,” he critiqued the media outlets.

Police have confirmed they are probing a financial case linked to RDC.

Police Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police Yoonus Sobah briefing Sun on an update in the case on Saturday, said the money from the company’s account was deposited to the personal account of a managerial-level staff. However, he said the identity of the staff and the exact amount of money deposited cannot be disclosed at the time as the investigation is still ongoing.

“Have never said money was not deposited to the personal account of any persons complicit in the case. The investigation is underway without excluding any persons,” he added.