President Solih: Goal is to secure 100,000 votes and win in one round

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during an MDP campaign trip to K. Guraidhoo. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Thursday, stated that his goal is secure 100,000 votes in the upcoming presidential election.

Speaking to residents during a campaign trip to Guraidhoo – President Solih said he was facing the election while backed by the coalition with the largest number of members.

“A coalition with this many members has not been seen in the Maldives to date. Our goal is to secure 100,000 votes on the voting day. There is just little to reach this target now,” he said.

The president expressed confidence in winning by majority votes with respect to Kaafu Atoll.

Briefing residents on development works – he said his target was to establish a peaceful Maldives for the people. He added that the work will be undertaken in collaboration with coalition partners, Adhaalath Party and Maldives Development Alliance (MDA).

Speaking particularly regarding Guraidhooo – the president said the island’s council has been tasked with reclaiming land to address space constraints faced by the residents.

Noting the council, under decentralization laws, had the power to issue land under their jurisdiction – President Solih said it was a shame this has not been done already.

He pledged to issue lands to Guraidhoo residents whether be it by amending the law.

“There is no reason land cannot be issued from this island. What I have to say is, if the council cannot do this, I will issue land for this island’s residents whether be it by making changes, including the law. We will give no leeway on things needed by the people,” he said.

Requests from Guraidhoo residents:

  • Development of a yacht marina
  • Development of a youth centre
  • Upgrading the harbor by building a new channel

Pledged by the president to Guraidhoo residents:

  • Development of flats and row houses
  • Development of a youth centre with all facilities required by the youth
  • Building a new harbor channel


President Solih, on this campaign visit to Gulhi, was accompanied by coalition partner, MDA’s leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed; MPs Hisaan Husain, Ali Niyaz and Abdulla Jabir.