Nasheed signs for ‘The Democrats’; vows to destroy MDP

Parliament Speaker Nasheed signs for 'The Democrats'; a new political party formed by his supporters who defected from MDP. (Photo/Yoosuf Sofwan - One Online)

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has signed with the newly registered political party, ‘The Democrats'.

He signed as a member of the party during a special ceremony held at Artificial Beach on Thursday night.

Elections Commission (EC) greenlighted the formation of ‘The Democrats’ on July 2nd, following which the party held its inaugural congress on July 5th.

EC registered the ‘The Democrats’ on Wednesday, adding the party to the register of political parties in the Maldives.

‘The Democrats’ was formed by supporters of Nasheed, who formed a separate faction within main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) following major disagreements with pro-government members. Members of ‘Fikuregge Dhirun’ faction later defected MDP in May, subsequent to which they launched efforts to form a new party.

Nasheed, waited in MDP, stating he would regain control of the party.

However, on June 21st, he tendered his resignation from the party citing he believed staying in the party to not be the best course of action.

‘The Democrats' have stated they will produce a candidate for the upcoming election. The candidate could likely be Nasheed.


In Nasheed's debut speech as a member of party, he, red with anger, vowed to dismantle MDP. 

Nasheed, speaking at the ceremony, described his departure from MDP as extremely sorrowful. 

"Left the party in extreme sorrow. But had to leave the party to birth a new ideology," he said. 

He went onto say that 'The Democrats' will contest in the upcoming elections in order to birth this ideology, where they will surely dismantle MDP. 

"Will completely dismantle MDP in the future. Dismantle. Dismantle. Dismantle," he said. 

Nasheed, describing the members who defected MDP to join 'The Democrats' as strongwilled, said they are well-mannered and disciplined. He said 'The Democrats' was formed to birth a new ideology in line with firm policy of upholding certain principles. 

"We formed a separate political party for this purpose," he added.

He promised the new party will fulfill the needs of the people and improve their living conditions. 

Speaking further, Nasheed described MDP as a screwpine bunch, which collapses when the bottom of the bunch falls off. 

"The bottom of the bunch has fallen. We will dismantle the party soon," he said.